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New Animal Ordinances Proposed in Forks, Home of former Olympic Animal Sanctuary

IMAGE: A dog named Jack howls away from within the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in December 2013
July 29, 2014


New ordinances limiting the number of animals a person can own in Forks, Wash. – and the authority to enforce those laws – have been proposed by the City Council. This follows after years of animal-cruelty allegations by animal welfare advocates and Forks Police officers against the Olympic Animal Sanctuary and its owner, Steve Markwell.

On Dec. 24, 2013, Markwell packed 124 dogs in the back of a semi-truck and hauled them to Arizona after pressure spurred by an intense Facebook campaign accusing him of housing dogs, snakes and turtles in filthy conditions.

Markwell turned the animals over to the New York-based Guardians of Rescue at a temporary shelter set up on land owned by Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation in Golden Valley, Ariz., according to a report by the Peninsula Daily News.

The last 18 of those dogs were adopted Sunday, according to a Facebook announcement by Guardians of Rescue.

The proposed ordinances in Forks would limit a person to owning no more than 11 dogs, cats and birds. Read more on this story here.


Photo caption:  A dog named Jack howls through a window at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in December 2013. (©


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