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Accused animal abuser charged with sexual abuse of children

IMAGE: David C. Williford appeared in Pierce County court facing nine counts of sexually assaulting minors. Bail was set for $100,000. In February he was charged with eight counts of animal cruelty in Thurston County for torturing, starving and killing animals he found on Craig's List. (Photo © Karen Ducey)
August 10, 2015

TACOMA, Wash. – A man from Thurston County recently accused of brutally beating and slaughtering animals he found on craigslist, pleaded not guilty Monday to nine counts of sexually assaulting minors.

David Christopher Williford, 27, of Olympia, did not speak at his arraignment in a Pierce County courthouse. Bail is set at $100,000.

Williford was arrested Aug. 7 and charged with six counts of child molestation in the first degree, one count of rape of a child in the second degree and two counts of rape in the second degree. Court documents describe two women who accuse Williford of sexually abusing them for years since they were young girls in 2003.

The victims, who are now adults, came forward shortly after Williford was arrested on animal cruelty charges in February. Officers from the Thurston County Joint Animal Services arrived at his Olympia-area residence and found it strewn with blood, carcasses and “chunks of flesh and fur.” Starved chickens, rabbits, Guinea pigs and rats still alive were found in filthy cages without food or water. A wire cage was found in the backyard full of skulls and bones. Williford said he killed the animals for meat that he ate. According to police reports, “The violent manner in which death occurred suggests the animals suffered significantly.” Two small dogs were also found stuffed in a crate in a dark, cold attic.

Williford was released on $50,000 bail in March and has been living in West Seattle.

Both trials are scheduled for this fall.


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