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Feral dogs suspected in pack attack on Bainbridge

IMAGE: A pack of wild dogs appears to be roaming Bainbridge Island and is threatening local residents and killing at least one pet.

A pack of wild dogs appears to be roaming Bainbridge Island and is threatening local residents and killing at least one pet.

Dead Oregon llama ruled ‘probable’ wolf attack

A llama killed on private land in Union County was ruled a ‘probable’ wolf attack by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

ODFW Commission set to begin revision of wolf plan

Image: Wolf

A draft document suggests Oregon should consider 300 wolves a minimum population for planning purposes.

Officers rescue owl struck by car in Marysville

Img: Owl

An owl hit by a car in Marysville was recovering Friday thanks to a fast-acting officer.

WSDA favors tagging every cow with radio ID

img: cow

The Washington State Department of Agriculture’s goal is to tag every cow with radio-frequency identification; there will be resistance.

Cats vs Dogs: Which pet is more popular in your state?

img: dog, cat

Is your state a dog or cat state? Check out a map by state, with data provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Managers, hunters to take at least 600 Yellowstone bison this winter

img: bison

Pray, Montana — Somewhere between 600 and 900 Yellowstone bison should be culled from the population this winter via hunting and slaughter, bison managers agreed Tuesday.

How to drill for oil in Alaska’s wildlife refuge: Sneak it through in tax bill


The U.S. Senate is using its tax-cut bill to slink through a measure that would allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America’s most spectacular protected habitat.

A tail-wagging, post-Hurricane Harvey story


As the sun emerged and the water began to recede in parts of flood-ravaged Houston, 35 large dogs from Texas flew to Seattle on Wednesday, Aug. 30 hoping to find a new home.

Some Idaho milk producers lose contract


Some Idaho dairymen won’t be having the brightest of holidays this year after buyers informed them they will no longer purchase their milk.

SCRAPS opening vet clinic to speed pet adoptions


Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services is building a new veterinary clinic to treat its in-house animals with hopes of making the adoption process faster.

These six dogs are waiting for loving homes.

Dogs Need Home

The Everett Animal Shelter hosts thousands of stray and unwanted animals every year. Some are adopted right away, but some sit in the shelter for weeks at a time, waiting for a home.

Chef Makini Howell: ‘I’ve worked really hard to make veganism something delicious’


Makini Howell, the owner of a vegan mini-empire which includes Plum Bistro, Plum Burger and more, has been named one of the “world’s most creative chefs.”

Another gray wolf illegally shot and killed


Police say another gray wolf has been illegally shot and killed in northeastern Oregon.

British military dog receives highest honor for valor


Mali, the eight-year-old Belgian Malinois, was given the highest military honor an animal can receive for his service in the British Military.

Wildlife Services officials urge ranchers to report all cattle deaths


Coming across a dead cow in the herd with no outward signs of what killed her often leaves cattlemen guessing about the cause.

Brothers facing felony charges for poaching in Fergus County


Two brothers were charged with 16 crimes, including eight felonies, stemming from what Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials describe as years of poaching activity on a ranch in Fergus County.

Doggone viral: Portland woman’s streetcar tweets


A Portland woman’s tweet about dogs on TriMet has gone viral after it was retweeted more than 80,000 times and ‘liked’ over 300,000 times.

Spokane pet store seeks information after thieves steal a puppy


A Spokane pet store is hoping that you know something about two people who stole a min-pin/Jack Russell terrier mix puppy Wednesday afternoon.

WDFW: Rancher lawfully shoots wolf


A rancher was justified in shooting a wolf that was attacking cattle in northern Ferry County, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says.